The Influence of Fashion Development Among Teenagers

Along with the development of the era, of course, will always trigger new trends that are considered to exist at that time. Therefore, not a few people who always follow the development of these trends, clothing manufacturers especially among teenagers who are curious or always curious.

One of the dominant developments seen is the way of dressing or fashion which is often loved by young people today. By combining these things, of course, it will create their own style or fashion value for them. Fashion seems to have become a characteristic and their personality. In accordance with the meaning of fashion itself, which is unique and dares to be different. This is a positive influence from the development of fashion among teenagers, which also makes them creative and dare to present their identity according to their passion.

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Being free in style or combining things related to fashion that makes teenagers creative, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a negative impact. As reported by an online magazine, The Guidon, where their topic is “Hype Me Up: The Hypebeast Phenomenon”. The term Hypebeast itself has been used since the early 2000s to describe “Trend Hunters” such as streetwear or a term for styles commonly referred to as “everyday style”, namely people, mostly young people ranging in age from 13 to 18, who dress with certain brands but tend to be “overdone,” according to the fashion world.

The difference between wearing streetwear is like mixing shirts, jeans, and sneakers for comfort for the sake of fashion. The clear goal is to wear the latest, often high-end and branded clothes.

From that problem, there is an impact where those who are called fashion fans or “hypebeasts” form like groups and spread their identity in public. Until most of their members are school children and when asked what drives them to join this trend, they usually answer because of the influence of their circle of friends. In the 2000s, many new names emerged as talented designers in Indonesia with their own characteristics and independent styles, such as Sally Koeswanto, Tri Handoko and Irsan. While others make designs that adopt western styles such as Edward Hutabarat and Anne Avantie, who dedicate their creations by designing traditional costumes with the name ‘Blus Kebaya’ and with a modern touch. With these costumes, Indonesian traditional clothing is reborn and loved by young people so that they appreciate traditional arts more.

The development of fashion does not escape the term “hipster”, Hipster is someone who has more knowledge about something that is more trending than other people. Hipster scarecrows are also widespread throughout Indonesia, especially in Jakarta.

However, this has two effects, namely positive and negative, sometimes people who are too trending will have a westernized nature, namely westernized nature where they do not respect their own culture, this is very dangerous because it has deviated from the values of our great grandmothers.

Western culture which is the mecca of world culture has become a terrible scourge for our country, a culture where the more you use clothes that are you can see, the more modern they are. This is seen as very negative if in our culture, it does not make sense if there is assimilation because it will involve various pros and cons of existing assimilation.

I personally like foreign cultures, it doesn’t mean I want to follow foreign cultures like hipster people do, I myself am proud of my culture. As proof that I am proud to wear batik clothes when I go to campus, I really appreciate the philosophical values contained in batik clothes. Our country is a country that is very rich in culture that is widespread throughout the archipelago. Each region almost has its own unique culture. I am also interested in culture other than fashion such as music, traditional ceremonies, etc. because I think it is something unique. I enjoy seeing these things.

The point of this article is that if you like foreign cultures, you should prefer your own culture because our culture concerns our noble values and includes the value of the struggle for Indonesian independence. We as beloved Indonesian people must love our own culture. It’s okay to like foreign cultures as long as they can eliminate the nature of westernization, because that trait is dangerous for the integrity of our cultural values and norms.

How? Of course, with simple things, such as exploring traditional values in our local culture, or better yet other regional cultures and instilling cultural sensitivity and cultural awareness. With these characteristics, I believe that our culture can be better than foreign cultures and there will be more outsiders who want to learn about our culture.