The Fear of Ghost Kitchens


You know, that idea that there are ghost kitchens inside of people’s homes? It might sound funny, but it is a bit disturbing. What is that old joke about the fat guy who used to come home from work and cook all the food for his family? The trick is on them because there are more than enough unhealthy places in our homes that it would be hard to keep them all clean.

But some people have a difficult time keeping their kitchens squeaky clean, especially when there are young children involved. These homes might have been perfectly adequate during their creation time, but as soon as something new appears, it tends to draw attention from neighbors. There is always some complaint involved. Perhaps the door was left open when it was not supposed to, or maybe some food was accidentally dropped and made a mess. This attracts negative attention from people who don’t want anyone in their neighborhood to have a house full of dirty kitchens.

So it is a lot safer to leave the doors and windows open when no one is around, and the stove and microwave should be kept clean at all times. However, there may be a ghost kitchen in the neighborhood that does not get the attention it deserves. One day, while cleaning up the kitchen, you might discover that the refrigerator has been tampered with and emptied of food. You may never know, but it could very well be a ghost kitchen.

A real ghost kitchen exists only in the imagination. To detect whether there is a ghostly version of your home nearby, you need a sensitive eye and keen ears. Listen for noises that you can’t hear and be on the lookout for movements that you can’t see. Check for any condensation on the windows, which is also a common indication of a ghostly presence.

There are also reports of haunted spots where the spirits of the dead linger. People who have suffered from such haunting experiences claim to hear the voice of the deceased still calling, and sometimes, even see them. These actual haunting events are often linked to housing disturbances or medical issues that are being misdiagnosed as mental illnesses.

Did you know that many ghost stories have their roots in existing homes that were destroyed during the war? German and American soldiers alike were pushed out of their buildings to the streets of occupied territories. As they hid out of the battle, they left behind their food, utensils, and other appliances. These items were often used as implements for making food for the ghostly soldiers. These “dead” appliances are usually found to be in perfect working order and can often be identified as having come from a real ghost kitchen.

Ghostly places are all around us. They are only just waiting to be discovered. The best way to battle these creatures is by removing them from the comfort of your own home. Many people feel more in tune with nature when they visit a location where they know animals and plants grow. Planting flowers around your kitchen and garden will help provide a barrier between the living and the dead.

The first thing you need to do is to research them. Many books, online ghost kitchens, and personal stories can help you understand and overcome your fears. A ghost kitchen is not a real danger to your family; in fact.

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