Memory Care Northridge Offers Aromatherapy, Personal Training, and Nutrition Programs

Our Services Memory Care Northridge is a New York-based center specializing in emotional care and applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy. Its therapists can provide comprehensive, emotional therapy services for children and adults with physical, mental, emotional, or learning disabilities.

As a New York-based company, Memory Care is committed to providing non-judgmental, compassionate support. Our therapists have been trained and qualified by leading teaching institutions and colleges in the United States and abroad.

Our therapy programs are approved by the American Board of Professional Psychology as well as the American Psychological Association. These certification confirm that we meet standards set by the top academic centers and professional bodies around the world. All Memory Care therapists are skilled, trained and certified therapists.

People suffering from emotional problems may develop the symptoms of anxiety, depression, panic, fear, or other phobias. Memory Care Carlsbad These symptoms can lead to failure in their personal and professional lives, eventually resulting in the inability to function in everyday activities and interactions.

Memory Care Northridge provides ABA training and development to therapists and counselors who intend to further their careers. We also provide training to teachers, school psychologists, and other individuals who work with children and adolescents. This training program is especially useful for those professionals who work closely with children.

These professionals must undergo specialization in the cognitive-behavioral treatment of disorders in order to get a specialization in psychology training. Through this training, they will be able to effectively treat children, teens, and adults with behavioral issues.

The techniques that Memory Care specializes in include centralizing and psychotherapy with children and adults suffering from emotional disturbances. In addition, we also offer psychological and educational services to help improve self-esteem, communication skills, and socialization. Our therapists can also make use of numerous behavioral interventions to address ADHD, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder, and substance abuse.

The services provided by Memory Care are based on research studies on the effects of specialized therapies and programs. Many of our therapists have received the Master’s degree in Education from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

For over three decades, Memory Care has made an important contribution to the improvement of the mental health of individuals suffering from mental disorders in the United States. We are dedicated to giving the best quality treatment to each patient. Our therapists are committed to provide the best and most effective solutions.

In order to qualify for a Memory Care affiliation, therapists must have received the Certified Counselor credential or a similar credential. Our therapists have completed rigorous state-mandated training programs and have obtained training in how to deliver effective interventions.

Memory Care Northridge is dedicated to building a good rapport between its clients and its employees. This objective is achieved through establishing a good relationship with all patients.

Memory Care Northridge works diligently to provide the best services for clients in need. With your support, we will continue to grow and provide the best professional services available in the United States. We thank you for considering our therapy and training programs.