Crypto Assets Begin to Dare to Climb, Even though Overshadowed by Omicron

Prices of cryptocurrencies with large market caps (big cap) were observed to strengthen again in trading Thursday (9/12/2021), where investors continued to bet that the impact of the Omicron variant would not pose the dire threat as many had previously thought.

Based on data from CoinMarketCap at 09:20 WIB, some cryptocurrencies tend to be slightly below 1% today. Only bitcoin is still slightly corrected this morning and the polka dots are also correcting more than 1%.

Bitcoin corrected 0.43% to a price level of US$ 50,307.22/coin or equivalent to Rp. 719,393,246/koin (assuming today’s exchange rate is Rp. 14,300/US$) and polka dots weakened 1.21% to a level of US$ 29.48. /coin or IDR 421,564/coin.

While the rest are seen trading in the green zone this morning. Ethereum rose 2.21% to US$ 4,417.73/coin or Rp. 63,173,539/coin, binance coin jumped 5.52% to US$ 607.36/coin (Rp 8,685,248/coin), XRP rose 5 .19% to US$ 0.8592/coin (Rp 12,287/coin), and terra skyrocketed 7.24% to US$ 74.26/coin (Rp 1,061,918/coin).

Here’s the movement of the top 10 cryptocurrencies based on their market capitalization today.

Bitcoin is likely to hold back around the $50,000 level this morning, as investors continue to seek to reverse some of last week’s losses.

Some short-term traders also take long on dip positions or buy when prices fall. Meanwhile, other traders remain cautious until at least January next year.

Crypto investors are also closely watching the statements of executives from six major crypto exchange companies, where they share opinions with the United States (US) House Financial Services Committee on crypto regulations.

The six executives of the major crypto exchange companies are Circle, FTX, Bitfury, Paxos, Stellar Development, and Coinbase.

Earlier on Wednesday (12/8/2021), which crypto to buy today? The US House Financial Services Committee invited executives from six of the world’s major crypto exchange companies to a congressional hearing on digital currencies and stablecoins.

What Crypto Should I Buy Aside From Bitcoin? | Binance Blog

The hearing focused on developing a security framework, the anonymous nature of crypto transactions, and how Congress can incorporate digital assets into existing regulatory standards.

Investors are also hunting for crypto assets again today, although they are still hunting gradually. Global market participants continue to monitor the latest developments regarding the Omicron variant of the corona virus (Covid-19).

They also continue to bet that the impact of the omicron variant will not pose the dire threat many had previously thought.

Positive sentiment came from the US, where Pfizer and BioNTech said three doses of their vaccine were effective at neutralizing the Omicron variant, based on results of self-administered laboratory tests. They also say two doses can still protect against severe illness from Covid-19.

In fact, before Pizer released information regarding the efficacy of its vaccine, many investors had anticipated that the new variant would be ‘tamed’.

Secretly, The CIA’s US Intelligence Agency Has A Crypto Project, What For?

The Central Intelligence Agency of the United States (US) or the CIA claims to have a number of projects to collect intelligence related to cryptocurrencies/assets.

Launching Cointelegraph, Wednesday (12/8/2021), During the CEO Summit held by the Wall Street Journal yesterday, CIA Director William Burns said, the CIA wants to add expertise in the field of crypto and blockchain to their intelligence analyst team as well as continue to communicate with industry experts. crypto.

Burns explained that the challenges of the crypto world “could have a very big impact” in the US given the existence of ransomware attacks in Uncle Sam’s country.

Ransomware attacks by hackers this year have halted the operations of Colonial Pipeline, the US’s largest fuel pipeline, meat processing plants, and IT infrastructure.

Earlier, the administration of US President Joe Biden in June called ransomware a “priority” and said it would leverage cryptocurrency tracking systems to tackle it.

“My predecessors started this,” Burns was quoted as saying by Cointelegraph.

The report defends crypto assets against claims that cryptocurrencies are often exploited by criminal companies. Instead, the report says, the public nature of transactions makes crypto “an underutilized forensic tool for governments to identify illicit activity.”

“[They] have carried out a number of different projects focused on cryptocurrencies and tried to look at the second and third level ramifications as well and helped our colleagues in other parts of the US government to provide solid intelligence on what we are also witnessing,” Burns added. .

Buns added that building crypto knowledge was an “important priority” for the CIA going forward.

Burns himself did not specify the direction of the CIA’s planned policy to combat cyberattacks. However, he hinted in the future it would aim to “get the financial network” of criminal groups that use digital currency as ransom.

Burns’ statement about the CIA project regarding crypto assets above, does not seem to have completely answered crypto fans’ questions about the old conspiracy theory – which may also be a joke – about who created bitcoin. In a long-standing conspiracy theory it is stated that the anonymous inventor of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, is actually the CIA or some kind of intelligence agency.

Until now, Satoshi is still a mysterious figure in the crypto world, even though many people or institutions have claimed or been associated with the name.