Alcoholics Anonymous Support – Where To Find Alcoholics Forum Information


The Alcoholics Anonymous Association is one of the oldest and largest fellowship associations for people who suffer from alcohol dependency or abuse. It meets in different areas across the country. A lot of people flock to meetings once they are admitted. The organization has helped a lot of people. The membership in A.A. has assisted many to get off the harmful alcohol addiction that is consuming their life.

The Alcoholics Anonymous Foundation has established the Grand Rapids Area Alcoholic Anonymous Treatment Center. It is an outpatient facility for people with substance abuse problems. The treatment center is equipped with professional therapists and a massive support system that gives much-needed emotional, mental, and spiritual support to addicts and the big drinkers. People who attend the rehab facility learn how to fight their addiction and live an alcohol-free life.

People in recovery need continuous moral support. They need to see that others care about them and want to help them recover. Gaby Guzek If someone who has a problem with alcohol behaves unacceptably around people, it can only lead to more drinking or other activities that can result in addiction.

“I am sorry, Mr. Jones, I have to tell you that I have a problem with alcohol, and I have a grandson who acts like that around you,” said John, a recovering addict. John was talking to his grandson, Jonesy, who was sitting in a car. “He acts like he doesn’t care about me, but all I know is that he is the only one that cares about me,” said John. “I don’t know why he acts that way.

Alcoholics Anonymous has some great resources for those in recovery. At the Alcoholics Anonymous International site, there are listings of meetings in Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, and throughout the United States. At the Atlanta airport site, there is a listing of the AA meetings in the Atlanta area and locations of meeting for those in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Mobile, West Palm Beach, Los Angeles, and everywhere else in the United States. The Atlanta meetings usually begin at 6:30 p.m. There is usually a speaker who speaks about the past behavior of alcoholism and then fellowship activities such as discussion and prayer.

The leading group at the Alcoholics Anonymous International headquarters in Atlanta is the Alcoholics Anonymous chapter in Atlanta. Other local groups are located at the North Georgia Alcoholics anonymous center, the Silver Cross Alcoholics Hostels in Fayetteville, the New Life Christian Center in Ellijay, the Ramblers Bar in Ellijay, and several others around the state. It is a shame that they have to advertise on television. At least they get the attention from local TV stations.

My favorite Alcoholics Anonymous group in the area is the One World Services/New Life Church. The Alcoholics Anonymous chapter in Atlanta started the drug rehab division of their church, and it has grown to over thirty branches in fifteen different counties in the Georgia area. Alcoholics Anonymous has a website that has an Ask the Doctor page where you can ask for advice. From the Home page, you can find out how to become a member, what the prerequisites are, how to make donations, become active, and what the Twelve Step program is. On the Contact Us page, you can send in your story and find support at one of the many regional offices. The phone number is 800-AA-UCKS.

The One World Services/New Life Church of Atlanta has a subforum on alcohol and drug abuse. On this subforum, you can find message boards that have online meetings, chat rooms, anonymous emails, live phone calls, and you can email any individual or group. If you post on the Online Board, you will be asked to log in and become a member. The requirements to become a member are a genuine citizen of the United States who has attained eighteen years of age. If you meet the requirements, you will be asked to fill out an application for eligibility.

The Atlanta Alcoholics Anonymous has twenty-three locations throughout the county of Fulton. These locations are located: West Cobb County; north Fulton County; northwest Atlanta; southwest Fulton County; southwest northwest suburban northwest Atlanta; south-central Atlanta; and in the far southern suburbs of north Atlanta. Many of these facilities hold group activities regularly. The meetings can include learning about Alcoholics Anonymous spiritual fellowship, practical workshops, group therapy, poetry reading, and musical entertainment.

The Alcoholics Anonymous national headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia. If you live in the greater Atlanta area or anywhere in the Georgia area, you should consider checking out the Atlanta Alcoholics Forum. This website offers all the information that you could need to know about Alcoholics Anonymous. It also has a page where you can register to post your story. So, if you need to know more about Alcoholics Anonymous and living in or near Atlanta, check out the Atlanta Alcoholics Forum, and you will be happy you did!