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2 Floor Minimalist Small House Plans and Concepts


You certainly often hear the statement that minimalist design upholds the value of “less is more”. Best arcades value means that less means better. There is also an opinion which states that minimalism means cheaper is better.

If these ideas are used as a reference when designing a minimalist 2-story house, this does not always mean that expenses will be less. Houses with minimalist plans talk about the process of realizing a better design concept. This goal is achieved by applying the principle of simplicity to get the best view through strict and careful analysis and restrictions.

Having a simple but comfortable minimalist small house can be a tremendous achievement. You certainly understand the difficulties and challenges when designing a small house. To make it happen, of course, it will not be as easy as houses with large or ideal sizes.

But actually size is never a big deal. The most important thing is how you organize and design a small house with the right design concepts and ideas and floor plans.

Minimalist Small House

When you find a house with a minimalist 2-storey floor plan with a luxurious interior and a spacious size, accompanied by the use of classy furniture, you will think that its beauty will be enjoyed by many people.

But apparently it can also be realized by small house owners. Those of you who have a small house with limited space can still create a home design that is no less luxurious and classy. Small houses can also look cool, modern and elegant.

When designing a simple and small minimalist home design, the main key lies in the instructions or how to maximize each room. This makes the room still able to accommodate various needs. The fulfillment of these needs is one guarantee for the creation of comfort.

Another thing you can do to get around the lack of space in a small house is to make it two floors. A small house with a 2-story construction has advantages in terms of the number of rooms or rooms. Although a 2-story house has a slightly more complex architectural planning pattern when compared to a 1-story house. That way, a house that looks small from the outside can have interior flexibility with additional space or space.

Here are some examples of minimalist house plans with 2-story construction that you can use as references before starting to think about and design your dream home.

Minimalist House Plan 2 Floor Type 36

Type 36 house is a simple small house, but with its 2-story construction, space limitations can be easily overcome.

This type of house is a development of a minimalist 1-storey house type 36 with a ground floor area of 36 square meters, while the second floor can be varied and adapted to needs.

Generally, the second floor area is not wider than the ground floor because it takes into account building regulations, especially regarding the Basic Building Coefficient (KDB) and Building Floor Coefficient (KLB).

Type 36 house with 2 floors can be the right solution to meet the need for additional space.

When designing this type of house, you can focus on choosing or exploring colors, materials, textures, and exterior and interior appearances with a choice of minimalist-modern concepts. This design concept itself is able to make your small dwelling look more spacious, stylish, and elegant.

In terms of economy, the cost of a minimalist 2-storey type 36 house is also quite affordable. This makes many housing developers build houses with this area, because this type of house size is in great demand. Of course assuming the purchase price is much lower than the larger type.

Minimalist House 2 Floor Type 45

The design of the type 45 house almost resembles the type 36, but the size of each room is made wider and wider. This type of house has a ground floor area of 45 square meters, while the second floor can be constructed according to your needs.

In addition, the cost of a minimalist 2-storey type 45 house is also quite affordable. Like a type 36 house, this house is also in great demand by prospective residential owners. This house is quite comfortable and provides ample space for its occupants. The advantage of this type of house is its design that makes every corner more functional even though the area is very narrow.

Minimalist House 2 Floor Size 6×9 m

Although each room size is a little more spacious in a minimalist 2-story house measuring 6 × 9 or type 54, you must remain careful when planning the layout of each room.
To give birth to a broad and airy impression, you should use the trick of creating space without a dividing wall. This aims to disguise the appearance of the interior of the house in order to have cohesiveness.

Minimalist House 2 Floor Size 6×12 m

This is the largest type of a row of minimalist small houses. One of the advantages of this house is the presence of a garden area at the front and back of the house. This allows you to be quite free when decorating a house with this area.

Minimalist Garden

Open space is something that every home must have. It can be a small garden located behind or in front of the house.

Gardens can provide many benefits. In addition, it can also be something that adds to the aesthetic value of the exterior of your home.

Minimalist Garden in Front of the House

The presence of a garden in front of the house has an important role. Because he is in front, he can be a reflection of the personality of the owner of the house. Choose plants that are weather-resistant and do not depend on the season, to be arranged in the garden in front of the house. Shade and beauty are important points in the arrangement process.

Beautify the front garden with stepping stones on the side of the grass. Apart from being a road pattern, this stone can also be a sweet accent in the garden.

Minimalist garden behind the house

The thing that is certainly very interesting for you is having enough land to create a garden behind the house. Not only can beautify the back of your house, the presence of this garden can also function as a source of lighting and air circulation. So you should choose the type of plant that produces a lot of oxygen and is easy to care for.

Make the right distance in the back or side area of the house that borders on the neighbors, so that the area can be used as well as possible for the garden.

Minimalist Garden in the House

Unlike the garden in front or behind the house which must get a lot of sunlight, apparently there are also plants that do not require too much light. It requires more special care.

However, if your desire to have plants in your house has existed since the beginning of the design of the house, of course, architects and designers will take into account the overall design. This is done so that you can use plants as elements of beauty, lighting, ventilation, and circulation between spaces.

Those are some minimalist house plans complete with a garden with the same concept. So have you thought about what your dream home design will look like in the future? Remember that size is never an issue. What matters is how you design and decorate it as needed.